By David K. Lifschultz
Compliments of the Lifschultz Organization founded in 1899

Chicago is worse than Afghanistan, or hell, or whatever their default for the worst place in the world might be.  US is becoming a Rhodesia or South Africa.

It is estimated that over 40% of South African women will be raped in their lifetime and that only 1 in 9 rapes are reported. It is also estimated that 14% of perpetrators of rape are convicted in South Africa.
Black on white rape in the US has reached such horrific proportions which is why Obama when President ordered the statistics to be ended.
Race and Crime in America | Ron Unz – Writings and Perspectives
As the Visigoths entering Rome to eventually destroy it under Alaric, the corrupt Biden-Hunter Government and declining US has 30 million illegal immigrants and there is a flood now at the border. Biden wants to legalize them for votes to end the Republican Party. If you think this is only a Democratic problem, the now deceased Robert Bartley of the Wall Street Journal related to me at the Harvard Club that as a Republican and free marketer he wanted hundreds of millions of third world immigrants to enter the US from Africa to lower the US wage rate to world levels, and raise the wages in Africa by the depletion of their population. That was his primary goal and mission as Editor of the Wall St. Journal. He could not openly advocate these “free market” ideas, he said, as they would not be popular but they intended to achieve this by sleight of hand. He was essentially following Marx who said that the unemployed in the US and unemployed in the world would be the reserve army for battering down the wages of American workers.
The destruction of Rhodesia:
Compliments of the Lifschultz Organization founded in 1899
The review of Paul Craig Roberts on the Civil War predicted by Ray Dalio is below but was covered by me in the first link below:
In that article we covered similar issues.  Mr. Roberts is an economist who looks at things differently than we in the intelligence community.  The issue of Civil War does not break down as an issue just between a better armed military and over a 100 million Americans with guns. Among these Americans are retired soldiers and officers that staffed the nuclear, bacterial, and chemical weapons of mass destruction of our military. They know where they are and how to use them.  And in a Civil War these weapons can be smuggled in as the French did for the US rebels against England in the Revolutionary War. Those bases will be the first place that they will go to. They can expect help from like minded Colonels at these facilities holding weapons of mass destruction though we agree with Professor Sabrosky and Mr. Roberts that there could well be a civil war in the military broken down by race or class or both.
The burning down of 200 American cities over the summer was largely incited and carried out by BLM-ANTIFA largely composed descendants of Canaan or blacks. The collapse of the black community has nothing to to with racism, or their Biblical condemnation by Noah, but the fact that the ADL and AJC outlawed the Bible in the public schools taking away from the blacks their moral instruction. The Democrats did not disappear as they became the spokesman for the blacks to gain their votes but they also contributed to the moral destruction of the backs by backing the ADL and by essentially supporting the ADL black abortion levels that are the highest in the world. This moral destruction has led to 25% of the male adult blacks either being dead or in prison largely incarcerated for their participation in the drug dealing as the recently liberally canonized George Floyd.  The Common Core Curriculum has also largely morally destroyed the white population teaching the goodness of homosexual marriage which is a mortal sin and abortion murder.  Here the collapse of the black community is discussed by Ron Unz in graphic terms.  It appears that New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago as well as most other cities in the north will end up as economically ruined as Rhodesia after the whites have fled as they are heading south from the US north today.
The issue in a Civil War could come down to mutually assured destruction as each side would have such weapons of mass destruction.  This could well destroy most of the entire United States. Tens of millions of Americans could die in the Civil War as the Russians saw after the Tsar’s abdication.  In a sense Trump and his family are our Romanovs but this time with a very capable and strong Romanov as the leader.
The US false flag or PYSOP operation against Russia was against a population largely united as descendants of the Meshech the son of Japheth. The word Russia comes from the Hebrew word Rosh or head, and Moscow comes from Meshech. In the Bible it is Rosh Meschech translated from the Hebrew as chief of Meshech or Russia Moscovy (Ezekiel 38:3). Japheth comes from the Hebrew word fair or white, and therefore he is the ancestor of the white races. Here it was just a question of ideology. The Marxist ideology imposed on Russia by Baron Eduard de Rothschild was replaced by Lord Jacob Rothschild via his oligarchs that stole half the wealth of the Russian nation filling the coffers of the Rothschilds in London with hundreds of billions of dollars.
In the racial sense Russia largely did not have the issue of a civil war by race in 1917-1918 nor in 1991 that the US faces but it was by ideology, where you had the monarchists, which is the only Biblically sanctioned form of government, facing off against the Trotskyites leading the mobs in their opposition based on Karl Marx’s writings. Trotsky had written before the revolution that the French Revolution of Robespierre had failed because he had not killed all the children and that was the basis for killing the Tsar’s wife and children and all those of the aristocratic families in Russia.
Trotskyites were not Russians. The Trotskyites were outwitted by Joseph Stalin who studied in a Christian Seminary until he was twenty and joined the Bolshevik Party as an Okhrana spy working for Pyotr Rachkovsky. If Rachkovsky had not died in 1910, there would have been no revolution. Stalin manoeuvred himself into the leadership position of the Bolsheviks and then liquidated all the murdering Trotskyites in the Moscow Treason trials. In 1939 Stalin liquidated the Yevraskaya Sektia that was left at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs but kept alive Maxim Litvinov since he was the conduit to Baron Eduard de Rothschild.
The Lubavitch Rebbe Joseph Schneerson said there were no innocent Bolsheviks among the Yevraiskaya Sektia and they deserved to be executed by Stalin in the Moscow Treason Trials between 1936-1938. Stalin he called a Providential Agent. Yet the whole world press was aghast as the Trotskyites were the agent of Baron Eduard de Rothschild in his extermination of the Romanovs and Russian Christianity. The Baron controlled the world press as they do now. When Khrushchev requested that General Konstantin Rokossovsky denounce Stalin, the general said no. Stalin was to him a saint.
Republics or democracies were concepts developed by Greek sodomists. The great period of Greece was not under Aristotle the hairsplitter or republics or democracies but under Homer’s kingly heroes where the entire Greek people went to war over an adultery of Helen of Troy while faithful Penelope awaited 20 years the return of her husband Odysseus despite being hounded by suitors trying to force her to marry one of them. She could not marry until she knew if her husband was dead which is Biblical law as it would be adultery if he was alive. Her beauty did not change as she was virtuous but the youthfulness of Odysseus was so consumed in daily fornication with Calypso that he was unrecognizable to his wife. He had to identify the tree trunk in their room for her to believe it was he. This is similar to the Gibeah incident in the Bible in Judges 19-21 when the whole nation of Israel went to war over a rape. In Rome much later in history the entire Roman nation threw out the King over condoning the rape by his son of the married Lucretia.
Christopher Marlowe analyzes the beauty of Helen of Troy in these verses:
“Was this the face that launch’d a thousand ships,
And burnt the topless towers of Ilium–
Sweet Helen, make me immortal with a kiss.–
”[kisses her]”
Her lips suck forth my soul: see, where it flies!–
Come, Helen, come, give me my soul again.
Here will I dwell, for heaven is in these lips,
And all is dross that is not Helena.
O, thou art fairer than the evening air
Clad in the beauty of a thousand stars.
These are some of the deepest words in all of literature.  The Greek word for soul is psyche or breath, and the soul is said to be contained in the breath in the body. When you breathe in by your lungs, the air goes to the lungs where the oxygen is extracted and circulated in the blood. It is the oxygen circulating in the blood which carries the soul or breath. That is why the Bible says the soul is in the blood. See Genesis 9:4 which says the soul, or in Hebrew nefesh, is in the blood. The reason pork is prohibited in the Bible is because it defiles the soul. So here the Bible demonstrates the knowledge of physiology in that the pork as it is digested is transmitted to the blood for the body’s nutrition where it meets the nefesh or psyche or soul which it defiles (Leviticus 11:7&8). So it understands that breathing transmits oxygen to the blood and the food is digested enters the blood stream where the soul and the pork meet. It was written around the 13th century B. C. and of course God knew all there was to know about science.
The reason that abortion is regarded as murder is that the soul according to Jeremiah 1:5 is created before conception and at conception is placed in the womb which is fed the oxygen of the mother who thus contains within her two souls, one being her own and that of the child.
What Christopher Marlowe meant in the above verses was that since Helen was married he had lost his soul by kissing her.
Is America’s Future a Civil War?
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As a person who grew up in the glorious aftermath of World War II, it never occurred to me that in my later years I would be pondering whether the United States would end in civil war or a police state. In the aftermath of the stolen presidential election, it seems a 50-50 toss up.
There is abundant evidence of a police state. One feature of a police state is controlled explanations and the suppression of dissent. We certainly have that in abundance.
Experts are not permitted forums in which to challenge the official position on Covid.
Teachers are suspended for giving offense by using gender pronouns.
Recording stars are dropped by their recording studios for attending the Trump rally. Parents ratted on by their own children are fired from their jobs for attending the Trump rally. Antifa is free to riot, loot, intimidate and hassle, but Trump supporters are insurrectionists.
White people are racists who use hateful words and concepts, but those who demonize whites are righting wrongs.
Suppression of dissent and controlling behavior are police state characteristics. It might be less clear to some why dictating permissible use of language is police state control. Think about it this way. If your use of pronouns can be controlled, so can your use of all other words. As concepts involve words, they also can be controlled. In this way inconvenient thoughts and expressions along with accurate descriptions find their way into the Memory Hole.
With the First Amendment gone, or restricted to the demonization of targeted persons, such as “the Trump Deplorables,” “white supremacists,” “Southern racists,” the Second Amendment can’t have much life left. As guns are associated with red states, that is, with Trump supporters, outlawing guns is a way to criminalize the red half of the American population that the Establishment considers “deplorable.” Those who stand on their Constitutional right will be imprisoned and become cheap prison labor for America’s global corporations.
Could all this lead to a civil war or are Americans too beat down to effectively resist? That we won’t know until it is put to the test.
Are there clear frontlines? Identity Politics has divided the people across the entire country. The red states are only majority red. It is tempting to see the frontiers as the red center against the blue Northeast and West coasts, but that is misleading. Georgia is a red state with a red governor and legislature, but there were enough Democrats in power locally to steal the presidential and US senate elections.
Another problem for reds is that large cities—the distribution centers—such as Atlanta, Detroit, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles—are in blue hands as are ports and international airports. Effectively, this cuts reds off from outside resources.
What would the US military do? Clearly, the Joint Chiefs and the military/security complex are establishment and not anti-establishment Trumpers. With the soldiers themselves now a racial and gender mix, the soldiers would be as divided as the country. Those not with the Establishment would lack upper level support.
Where are the youth and younger adults? They are in both camps depending on their education. Many of the whites who went to university have been brainwashed against themselves, and regard white Americans as “systemic racists” or “white supremacists” and feel guilt. Those who did not go to university for the most part have experienced to their disadvantage the favoritism given to people of color and have resentment.
What about weapons? How can the reds lose when guns are a household item and blues would never dirty themselves by owning one? The answer is that unlike the War of Northern Aggression in the 1860s, today the weapons in the hands of the military are devastating compared to those in the hands of the public. Unlike in the past, it is impossible for a citizens’ militia to stand against the weapons and body armor that the military has. So, unless the military splits, the reds are outgunned. Never believe that the Establishment would not release chemical and biological agents against red forces. Or for that matter nuclear weapons.
What about communications? We know for an absolute fact that the tech monopolies are aligned with the Establishment against the people. So much so that President Trump, in the process of being set-up for prosecution, has been cut off from communicating with his supporters both in social media and email.
The American Establishment is doing to President Trump exactly what it did to Ukrainian President Yanukovych in Washington’s orchestrated “Maidan Revolution,” called “the Revolution of Dignity” by the liars at Wikipedia, and precisely what it did to Chavez, Maduro, and would like to do to Putin.
Suppose an American civil war occurs. How is it likely to play out? Before investigating this, first consider how the Establishment could prevent it by bringing the red states to its defense. The Trump supporters are the only patriots in the American population. They tend to wear the flag on their sleeve. In contrast, blue state denizens define patriotism as acknowledging America’s evils and taking retribution on those white racists/imperialists who committed the evils. In blue states, riots against the “racist system” result in defunding the police. If the Antifa and Black Lives Matter militias were sicced on the Biden regime, red state patriots might see “their country” under attack. It is possible that the “Proud Boys” would come to Biden’s defense, not because they believe in Biden but because America is under attack and he is “our president.” Alternatively, an Antifa attack on the Biden regime could be portrayed as an unpatriotic attack on America and be used to discourage red state opposition to the police state, just as “Insurrection” has resulted in many Trump supporters declaring their opposition to violence. In other words, it is entirely possible that the patriotism of the “Trump Deplorables” would split the red state opposition and lead to defeat.
Assuming that the Establishment is too arrogant and sure of itself or too stupid to think of this ploy, how would a civil war play out? The Establishment would do everything possible to discredit the case of the “rebels.” The true rebels, of course, would be the Establishment which has overthrown the Constitutional order, but no media would make that point. Controlling the media, the Establishment, knowing of the patriotism of its opponents, would portray the “rebels” as foreign agents seeking to overthrow American Democracy.
The “foreign threat” always captures the patriot’s attention. We see it right now with Trump supporters falling for the disinformation that Switzerland and Italy are behind the stolen election. Previously, it was Dominion servers in Germany and Serbia that did the deed.
On whose head will the Establishment place the blame for “the War Against America”? There are three candidates: Iran, China, and Russia. Which will the Establishment choose?
To give Iran credit conveys too much power to a relatively small country over America. To blame Iran for our civil war would be belittling.
To blame China won’t work, because Trump blamed China for economically undermining America and Trump supporters are generally anti-China. So accusing the red opposition with being China agents would not work.
The blame will be placed on Russia.
This is the easy one. Russia has been the black hat ever since Churchill’s Iron Curtain speech in 1946. Americans are accustomed to this enemy. The Cold War reigned from the end of World War II until the Soviet Collapse in 1991. Many, including retired American generals, maintain that the Soviet collapse was faked to put us off guard for conquest.
When the Establishment decided to frame President Trump, the Establishment chose Russia as Trump’s co-conspirator against American Democracy. Russiagate, orchestrated by the CIA and FBI, ensured for three years that Trump was accused in the Western media of being in cahoots with Russia. Despite the lack of any evidence, a large percentage of the American and world population was convinced that Trump was put into office by Putin somehow manipulating the vote.
The brainwashing was so successful that three years of Trump sanctions against Russia could not shake the Western peoples back into factual reality.
With Russia as the historic and orchestrated enemy, whatever happens in the United States that can be blamed elsewhere will be blamed on Russia. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, former US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul, and former Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes have already associated “Trump’s insurrection” with Russia.
Suppose that an American civil war becomes intense. Suppose that the Establishment’s propaganda against Russia becomes the reigning belief as propaganda almost always becomes, how can the Establishment not finish the insurrection threat by attacking the country responsible? The Establishment would be trapped in its own propaganda. Emotions would run away. Russia would hear threats that would have to be taken seriously.
You can bet that Biden’s neocon government will be egging this on. American exceptionalism. American hegemony. Russia’s fifth column, the Atlanticist Integrationists, who wish absorption into the degenerate and failing Western World, will echo the charges against Russia. This would make the situation a serious international incident with Russia as the threatened villain.
What would the Kremlin do? Would Russia’s leaders accept yet another humiliation and false accusation? Or will the anger of the Russian people forever accused and never stood up for by their own government force the Kremlin into awareness that Russia could be attacked at any moment.
Even if the Kremlin is reluctant to acknowledge the threat of war, what if another of the numerous false warnings of incoming ICBMs is received. Unlike the past, is it believed this time?
The stolen election in America, the emerging American Police State, more vicious and better armed than any in the past, could result in American chaos that could be a dire threat to the Russian Federation.
What Trump and his supporters, and perhaps the Kremlin, do not understand is that real evidence no longer counts. The Establishment makes up the evidence that it needs for its agendas. Consider how easy it was for the Capitol Police to remove barriers and allow some Antifa mixed in with Trump supporters into the Capitol. This was all that was required to create a “Trump led insurrection” that terminated the presentation of evidence of electoral fraud and turned the massive rally of support for Trump into a liability. Trump now leaves the presidency as an “insurrectionist” and is set up for continued harassment and prosecution.
As I previously wrote, the stolen election and its acceptance abroad signifies the failure of Western democracy. The collapse of the Western world and its values will affect the entire world.