Asset Management

Independence lies at the heart The Lifschultz Organization’s business and our ability to focus on investments and assets without distraction. We are managing assets, ranging from equities, bonds and funds to specialised investments such as hedge funds and private equity. We have tailor-made portfolios by drawing on the experience of dedicated teams of specialists in fixed income and equities. All investments are done in the context of long-term investment strategy developed by our senior experts.

Security, Stability & Planning

The Lifschultz Organization’s suitably risk-averse approach to business focuses on protecting and increasing our wealth. This includes our long term approach, our cautious risk management approach, proper implementation & control. Solid risk management through a deep understanding of risks, appropriate portfolio diversification, accurate and timely monitoring and processes.

Structuring Wealth Planning

Choosing the right legal structure requires expert advice and the support of a skilled team.

  • Creation and care of legal structures
  • Tax optimization
  • Accounting and reporting
  • Fluent in multiple languages and cultures

Investment Solutions

Goals and needs are the very first step in finding solutions on investments that will achieve our objectives under all market environments. Open and objective selection of the right investments, reaching decisions through a rigorous and accountable investment process and with complete and absolute transparency. We pioneer an independent and cutting edge approach in our investment decisions. The Lifschultz Organization is responsible for investments in equities and bonds. The securities selection process is provided by teams of dedicated analysts. The core of fixed income portfolios is focused on sovereign and investment grade corporate bonds, while investments in high-yield and emerging market debt are made through selected funds. Equity portfolios are invested in directly. Our portfolio specialists manage investments in mutual funds, exchange traded funds. The Lifschultz Organization selects the best funds for the overall strategy. External managers are consulted throughout this process.

Investment Board & Committee

The Investment Committee meets weekly to define the Group’s long-term investment strategy and identify new trends, to fine tune the long-term strategy in light of market developments and identify tactical opportunities. These weekly meeting review the market and decide whether the portfolio’s need adjustments.