Compliments of the Lifschultz Organization founded in 1899

The sodomized, transgenderized, abortionized, critical race theorized, US Army is adopting the methods of the atheistical Soviet Union. Will dissidents now be sent to mental hospitals?

The next day, Scheller said he was ordered to undergo a “mental health screening,” suggesting his recent criticisms were being attributed to a post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

There is deep unrest in the US military. The US is becoming as corrupt and rotten as Weimar Germany.

Now they want to draft girls into the US Army to introduce them into whoredom. In the Bible the father has jurisdiction over his daughter and no
state can take away that jurisdiction.  The father must grant permission for his daughter to marry, and after that the woman falls under the jurisdiction of the husband.  (See Numbers 30: 3-16. A girl cannot make a marriage vow without her father’s permission.)  In other words, the state cannot draft any daughter against her father’s opposition and cannot draft any woman against her husbands opposition. The Neturei Karta in Israel say none of their girls will go into the Israeli Army as it is a fate worse than death not to speak of the fact that they would be introduced into immorality and they must fight to the death against it. It is a divine Biblical right that the father and then the husband have sole jurisdiction over their girls and women. Sodomy, abortion, etc. are mortal sins in the Bible and capital crimes. The same principle applies to every father in the United States. The only noble decision of the evil Warren Court was when it affirmed to right of the Amish to send their children to their own Biblical schools and they could not be forced into the public schools nor be forced to follow any part of the US curriculum which today is largely perfidious under the immoral common core curriculum.