Compliments of the Lifschultz Organization founded in 1899
It is time to revisit the Balkan Tinderbox.
It is time to revisit the Balkan Tinderbox.
It is rather surprising to find Aleksander Vucic who has so much catered to Washington being instrumental in this crisis.  He was so anti-Kosovan that his people told me that if he recognized Kosovo’s independence they would kill him. It is here that Russia awoke again as a nation watching on television their Slavic brothers being bombed for 78 days after Russia was ground into the ground by its purposeful destruction by Lord Jacob Rothschild’s looting oligarchs. Lord Jacob still controls much of the Russian economy and its central bank which is why Russia does not have the same growth rates as China. It is pure sabotage especially at the central bank and Russian intel tells me that Vladimir Putin is much too weak to throw the Trotskyite oligarchs out as Stalin. Lord Jacob coordinates with his subordinates in the US Government such as the CIA.
The Balkans presented to NATO a problem having a potential Russian ally underneath its underbelly that could outflank NATO and the deep state was determined to take advantage of Russia’s ruin that they created to take care of his problem.  Deep state and Rothschild are synonymous. It was Germany that advocated this via its BND and they had started the ethnic unrest in the 1990s through their agents provocateur which starting the rending of Yugoslavia. It culminated in 1999 based on a fake massacre in Kosovo set up by the German BND in a rather incompetent manner. They used Albanian agents who were instructed to take the dead bodies from morgues, shoot them up, and spread out at the massacre site the blood and cartridges.  Yet, when a reporter for the Manchester Guardian walked the site seeing no blood or cartridges on the ground deduced that no one had been killed here. It is a biological fact that if you shoot a dead body it does not bleed.
This created an emergency meeting at the deep state which controls the US regarding how to cope with the Manchester Guarding article, see footnote one. I attended the meeting. Since the deep state controls the US and world media, it was decided to bury the story about the lack of blood on page 26 of the New York Times and other media saying that there would be a a kind of 9-11 or Kennedy Assassination Commission (both were fakes) set up to investigate the charges over a period of six months and to proceed to bomb Kosovo to Hell. I objected on the grounds that if the Russians watched this bombing that turned out to be 78 days they might think that this was going to be their fate as this was their ally that they had fought World War One over, and they would remilitarize. In fact, Germany hated Yugoslavia as it had tied down 22 German Divisions in World War Two that might have made the difference at Moscow and they really did not want them in the EU or NATO.
Number one said that though I was usually right and he did think so here but it did not matter. This was a NATO opportunity that they could not pass by, and if I was right, they would cope with it then. It is here that the over 20 year Russian modernization of their military started as I predicted. Defensive missiles had the priority as they just witnessed their necessity at Kosovo and the next eight years there was a mad race in Russia to develop anti-missile missiles. That was all they had the money for. As they rose from financial ruin, they then in 2008 started the massive twelve year modernization of their military while the US forgot about them concentrating on a heroin war in Afghanistan and an oil war in Iraq. Now the Russian military is far superior to that of the US. That explains the endless delays in processing their request for admission. They do not want to build them up.
World War One had erupted in the Balkans with Baron Eduard de Rothschild triggering it by his ordering assassination of the Archduke Ferdinand to destroy the Tsar after the 1904-1905 war where the Baron financed 50% of it by loans to Japan failed to unseat the Tsar as planned despite the internal turbulence in Russia it caused by its loss and Parvus working to induce a financial panic in Moscow in 1905. It is interesting that in World War Two Japan treated US prisoners of war who were Jewish very favorably. It is also interesting that Baron Eduard’s Parvus arranged with the Kaiser, Hindenburg, and Ludendorff to spirit Lenin to Russia which successfully led to the Bolshevik Revolution killing of the Tsar and his family. See footnote one for details.
About a hundred million people died by the two wars created by Baron Eduard, that is, World War One and Two. The Baron’s two goals in 1900 were achieved which were were the destruction of the Catholic Church which has largely been completed under the present apostate Pope and the destruction of the Tsar which were the two bastions of enmity against the Baron. World War One created Hitler so the Baron created World War Two to take him out.
Footnote one: