The article in the next link points out to us that the heirs of the pious Mullah Omar will follow in his footsteps and shut down the CIA heroin plantations in Afghanistan.



Thus, ends a 20th Century Heroin War conducted by the Anglo-Saxon United States in the administration of its Empire as the now destroyed Anglo-Saxon British Empire conducted two heroin wars against China in the 19th century.


We next shall give some historical background leading up to Afghanistan.


The United States had its moat consisting of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans to protect itself as Great Britain had its moat consisting of the English Channel.


Lord Halifax in 1694 said: “Englishmen, look to your moat.”  And that principle was reiterated by Admiral Sir Barry Dornville in the 1930s.


Bismarck said that the “Americans are a truly lucky people. They are bordered to the north and south by weak neighbors and to the east and west by fish.”

What the above quotes indicate is that neither power had a vital interest in what happens in Europe or the Eurasian land mass but in their world trade in their Empires. Britain’s Empire in India, Africa, etc. provided the natural resources for their Empire and the US had much of the natural resources within its own boundaries for what they needed or about 56% of its requirements. The US only needed foreign trade for 44% of is natural resources for all the rest they had themselves.  The Eurasian land mass had no real interest to the US but South America and Africa did. The US did not need to import anything but these natural resources. We could make everything ourselves.


Since 1914 the US had involved itself in one war after another that were totally unnecessary and were drawn in by the international financiers (Rothschild) using Mackinder’s geopolitical theories as their basis.  Baron Eduard de Rothschild created World War One to destroy his enemy the Tsar by arranging the assassination of the Archduke Ferdinand and entered World War Two to destroy Hitler by bribing Churchill. The US was a true economic hegemon in 1919 controlling in the post World War One period 75% of the motor vehicle production of the world and the strongest economic power only to find itself now with half its industrial power idle in a rust belt and making 1/3 the motor vehicles of China and less than 1/10 China’s steel production whose economy is the largest in the world if the GDP were accurately figured. The Chinese are in the lead in almost every category.


Soviet Russia arose out of World War Two as a giant power and when they allied with China in 1949 they basically controlled what MacKinder called the Eurasian heartland so the US sought to contain Russia fighting the Korean and Vietnam Wars under the containment theory or domino theory. This was an unnecessary waste of our resources. In 1972 China became an ally of the US spelling the doom of the Soviet Union as the balance of power materially went against them and Vietnam had no more interest to the US. Brzezinski wanted to give the Soviet Union their Vietnam by luring them into Afghanistan. President Carter signed on July 3, 1979 a directive authorizing secret aid to the opponents of the pro-Soviet regime in Kabul. It is important to note about President Carter that no wars were initiated for the US through his leadership.  Brzezinski wrote a note to Carter on that day that this would force a Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.



When this happened, Brzezinski wrote another note to Carter as follows:


“We have now the opportunity to give the USSR its Vietnam War.” Indeed, says Brzezinski, Moscow had to carry on a war for nearly ten years that was unsustainable for the regime, a conflict that brought about the demoralization and finally the breakup of the Soviet Union. Since I was personally involved in this I would say that there were other very material factors such as our forcing the Gulf States in 1985 to flood the oil market driving the price to eight dollars a barrel which I was behind that destroyed half the income side of the Russian state budget. If you add the 400,000 troops that the Nixon-Mao alliance forced on Russia to place on their border with China, the drain of the Warsaw Pact for another 600,000 troops, and you have the recipe for financial disaster. There was also the psychological blow of our star wars hoax.


Thus, we then supported the holy Taliban against Russia and President Reagan called the Taliban the Thomas Jeffersons of their country. This disturbed the neocons who were full of grudges over the 1973-1979 oil price rise by the Gulf States in retaliation for our support of Israel, and the alliance of Islam and the US against Russia mortified the neocons.  Since Russia was on its knees to the west in 2001, it was time to strike as there was no countervailing power to the United States anymore. Thus, they persuaded Bush and Cheney to break this love of Islam from the American psychology and create a false flag attack by Islam on the US to justify an invasion of Iraq. Here the US power would be used to take over the oil price so that there would be no more ambushes as in 1973. The CIA was not involved in this and it was botched up as Building Number Seven was not hit by a plane as planned. The question then was what to do.


An emergency telephone conference of the deep state was held on 9-11-2001 based on the fact that Building Number Seven was still standing not having been hit by a plane with the demolitions in the basement that could not be taken out without exposing the entire incident as a contrived terrorist attack created by ourselves. These demolitions were engineered to cause the building as the others to fall into their own footprint. I attended this call. The CIA was brought in to cover this up against my objections as I wanted to hang the perpetrators but instead of invading Iraq first they insisted on Afghanistan as Mullah Omar had shut down our CIA heroin operation and then blaming a failed CIA asset named Osama bin Laden who had nothing to do with it. The CIA doctored the boarding tapes to show Arabs entering the planes.  Later, Iraq was invaded over a new falsity that Iraq had developed WMDs. This was a most brilliant manifestation of what they call in intelligence work misdirection in that the blaming of Osama for 9-11 totally distracted the masses from wondering why Building Number Seven fell into its own footprint though no plane hit it. Also, the neocons obtained their dearest wish of creating a war and hatred against Islam.

Real estate developer Donald Trump is the only person to question, on the afternoon of September 11, 2001, the Bush Administration’s version of the collapse of the Twin Towers. Keeping a cool head, he says that according to his engineers (who had built the World Trade Center), airliners could not have caused this destruction.

One of the largest businesses in the world is narcotics. While the CIA restarted the heroin plantations right after the invasion of Afghanistan, they could not handle the whole world distribution themselves. So they drew in the BND, MI6 and all the other intelligence agencies to perform the distribution for their countries. In the US the CIA-US Air Force flew it in the United States and the Mafia conducted the distribution while major city police forces looked the other way for their cut. For example, Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo was a major hub for European distribution and the US Air Force handled the transportation of the heroin from Afghanistan to this distribution point. Details are in the following article.

The Taliban have announced that they will be following the holy rules of Mullah Omar and all heroin production in Afghanistan will cease. We interpret much of the uproar against President Biden to stem from his failing to achieve a deal with the Taliban to keep the heroin going and thus denying the EU leaders their cut of the world heroin market. When you see the whole world rise up against their erstwhile hero Joe it makes you wonder whether it just might be that Biden was right.
The media are whores who write what they are told.