By David K. Lifschultz
Compliments of the Lifschultz Organization founded in 1899
The Pentagon lobbyist and Woke Secretary of Defense Austin who oversaw the routed US evacuation from Afghanistan has now weighed in on the Ukraine essentially advocating its joining NATO. The population of the Ukraine is today about 37 million if we deduct the Russian part such as the Crimea and the Luhansk, Donbas, etc. none of which will ever be part of the Ukraine again. And in fact, the Eastern Ukraine is actually Russian where most of the ten million Russians live and is certain in the future to go back to Russia which is a territory of Russia which Lenin included with the Western Ukraine to assure the loyalty of the Western Ukraine to Russia.  Sevastopol and the Crimea were joined to the Ukraine by Khrushchev who was a Ukrainian Russian himself. These were always part of Russia.
The idea of an independent Ukraine was invented by the Austrians in World War One to weaken their adversary Russia. It worked and the Russian Army became demoralized as the Ukrainian soldiers left the Russian Army when the Ukraine seceded from Russia in the middle of the war supported by the Bolsheviks to undermine the Tsar. When Germany dictated terms to Russia through General Max Hoffman at Brest-Litovsk the Russians formerly lost the following areas:
Finland ,  Estonia ,  Latvia ,  Lithuania ,  Poland ,  Belarus , and  Ukraine  became independent, while  Bessarabia  united with Romania.
Russia lost 34% of its population, 54% of its industrial land, 89% of its coalfields, and 26% of its railways. Russia was also fined 300 million gold marks.
When Russia was dismantled by the west under their CIA agent Boris Yeltsin, the US military demanded the freeing of the above areas following the views of Field Marshall Paul von Hindenburg.
When Hindenburg was asked why they needed the Baltic states he replied, “To secure my left flank for when the next war happens.”
NATO expects that Russia will continue to accept its present dismemberment as at Brest-Litovsk. You will note that Stalin mentions all his lost territories in his speech of November 17, 1941 and he reclaimed them after Germany’s defeat. Stalin faced 80% of the German Army in Russia and the US invasion at Normandy would have failed if Stalin had not distracted the Germans with Operation Bagration. It is not surprising that Stalin, who was an Okhrana Agent of the Tsar, and hardly a communist as he liquidated all of the Lenin-Trotsky Party Members, named the operation after the Tsarist General Pyotr Bagration that Napoleon regarded as the only good Russian general. The world press was horrified by the Moscow Treason Trials after 1936 as Lenin and Trotsky were agents of Baron Eduard de Rothschild.
In other words, the US was preparing for the next war against Russia in 1991 as Hindenburg at Brest-Litovsk in 1918 even though we tricked the Russians into thinking the US was now to be their friend.  What followed was a looting operation unparalleled in modern history. Lord Jacob Rothschild financed the oligarchs who bought (stole) most of the wealth of Russia and Jeffrey Sachs was brought in to crash the economy under the appropriately named shock treatment.  Hyperinflation wiped out the savings of the elderly and depression ruined the economy. Moscow was turned into a kind of Al Capone gangsterism with opposing sides having shootouts in the streets. In 1989 14 million were below the poverty line and in 1996 168 million which includes part of what is now Eastern Europe and all of Russia.
The CIA agent Yeltsin by 1999 was thoroughly discredited and looked around for a replacement pushed by the oligarch Roman Abramovitch named Vladimir Putin. That is why the thieving oligarchs are still around as the equivalent of a pact with the Devil was made but their future in the end will be dire. Putin was never given full control as the Central Bank is under Lord Jacob Rothschild’s control where their Sergey Shevtov runs the place. Shevtov engineered the transfer of trillions of dollars of stolen oligarch money to Lord Jacob in London while the figurehead Elvira Nabiulina focuses on the macro-economics of Milton Friedman which covers all the crimes by monetary issuances which is a crime in itself. For example, at a meeting of the Committee of Monetary Research and Education I asked his stooge Anna Schwartz, who wrote the monetary history with Milton, why neither she nor Milton declaimed against the rigged currencies against the dollar in a dirty float that were used to transfer most of our US factories overseas. Under their concept of free floating exchange rates, the dollar should have fallen as its supply increased to buy foreign goods manufactured by cheaper labor. As it fell the dollar would have to pay more for the foreign goods as the falling dollar wiped out the labor advantage of the foreign goods.  That would have stopped the US transfer of industry overseas. This is explained in the next link:
Anna refused to answer the question. I asked and asked five times and she did not say a word.  The audience was shocked. Finally, the moderator, Walker Todd, then an officer in the US Federal Reserve System, walked up to the microphone saying you are absolutely right in what you say David, and asked for the next question. Walker was a brilliant fellow who worked at the Federal Reserve System, and may say parenthetically that I wrote for Paul Volcker his anti-inflation plan in 1979 that we at the deep state ordered him to implement, who understood that the gold standard was unworkable with usury as the gold could not create its own liquidity. Those who are reading this who have the interest should consult the writings of John Maynard Keynes’ teacher at Cambridge Alfred Marshall who seems to have been the only academic in the world that understood this. The Bible is correct on usury described by Aristotle as against natural law as the gold coin cannot procreate. In simple terms, if there are 187,000 tons of gold above ground in the world, and I lend it to you at 10% interest, the interest and principal cannot be paid at the end of the year as the interest or usury portion in gold does not exist. Karl Marx wrote that this was solved by paper money that was transubstantiated into gold, or the jealous God of money to use his own words, in that the paper money was gold even though it was not visible.
The military analyst Scott Ritter explains below that the US is not capable of defending the Ukraine and the Russian defeat of the Ukraine after the disaster of NATO in Afghanistan would end NATO once and for all:
By throwing his weight behind Kiev’s NATO bid while on a visit to the country, Austin is “playing politics,” and while his remark might be for Ukraine’s domestic consumption it risks ratcheting up tensions “at a time when that’s the last thing either Russia or NATO need,” former US Marine Corps Intelligence Officer Scott Ritter told RT.
Ritter noted that until now “there has been a hesitancy on part of both the United States and NATO to encourage Ukraine joining NATO because of the ramifications” that both Kiev and NATO may face in the aftermath.
Since Ukraine cannot win a hypothetical “shooting war” with Russia, and the US “is not in the position to come to their aid,” any potential showdown can spell doom for the military alliance, Ritter argued.
“NATO will face defeat and this could be the end of NATO. I don’t know if NATO can take another defeat, another embarrassment like they had in Afghanistan,” he said.
Former Pentagon security analyst, Michael Maloof, argued that Austin’s rhetoric and promises he seems to be giving Ukraine shows that Washington “has not learnt anything from the lessons going back to 2008, when the US was trying to push Georgia and Ukraine into NATO.”
Maloof pointed out that the Biden administration has also been courting Georgia, another country that borders on Russia. Austin, who visited Georgia on Monday as part of his three-nation tour to the Black Sea region, tried “to excite the Georgians and give them a false promise that they will be able to increase their military assistance and undertake military maneuvers,” Maloof said, adding that such strategy already backfired in the past, resulting in the war in South Ossetia in 2008.
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