Compliments of the Lifschultz Organization founded in 1899
There is at present a very clever approach to use the placebo on 25% of the vaccinated in the intelligence report in footnote one. If there were only two groups, unvaccinated and vaccinated, then it would be clear as the mortality dramatically rises for the vaccinated as it is that the genetic vaccines would be proven to be the fraud that they are by comparison with the unvaccinated. But if 25% of the vaccinated receive the placebo as indicated by our intel sources, then the vaccinated results would be better.
This demonstrates that our Dr. Josef Mengele, Dr. Anthony Fauci, is just as guilty of crimes against humanity al la Nuremberg as the German Angel of death Dr. Josef Mengele. He knows that he has a death vaccination as Dr. David Martin explains in footnote two and both the virus and the vaccinations for it are bioweapons, see footnote two for evidence in the patents from 2003.
Dr. Josef Mengele escaped under OSS operation paperclip as the OSS physicians wanted to go over his experiments with him that were quite serious as those of Dr. Fauci though Fauci used the whole human race as his beguiled guinea pig and the OSS could not obtain such vast experimental results under western medical morals as reflected in The Nuremberg Code at the time. We do give credit here to external medical treatment for war wounds encountered on the battlefield.
This is quite a different question to internal medicine to cure the deficiencies of unhealthy air, diet, lack of sunlight, lack of exercise and exposure to carcinogens.  The latter is the lockdown world of Dr. Fauci where his masks causing children to rebreathe their unhealthy exhalations is a terribly unhealthy practice that is certain to cause symptoms of the coronavirus en masse as a common cold.
The utility of the modern hospital was demonstrated in a nurses strike in Los Angeles where the main hospitals were shut down and the death rate in Los Angeles plummeted to the lowest rate in a hundred years but as soon as the hospital reopened the death rate soared to normal. The hospital is so unhealthy that it is the last palace a mother should think of for having a baby as a baby is not a disease but a hospital is a breeder of disease.
That is not the case today as there is no morality or science in medicine today but pure greed and criminality as outlined in footnotes one and two. The dramatic rise in autism was based on the package of dangerous vaccines that babies are now forced to receive to enter school later and were subject to prior to the covid scam.
The Covid scam is not new at all and no one should be surprised at all at such medical malpractice. Mary Shelly’s story of Dr. Frankenstein creating monsters is as real today as Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Man That Was Used Up” presages the synthetic man. These were prophetic writings. Elon Musk worries about the Artificial Intelligence Terminator. “God man man straight but he sought many accounts” as in Ecclesiastes 7:29.
In other words, these fools think that they can be better than God.
The estimate is a 15% increase in autism cases from the 1 in 68 rate in 2010, 86% increase from the 1 in 110 rate in 2006 and 154% increase from the 1 in 150 rate in 2000 in direct correlation to the increase in the use and quantity of vaccines injected into children. In footnote one, we show the charts on the failure of vaccines to achieve anything but profits for Big Pharma.
It is 1 in 34 now though it depends on which study you look at. It is our estimate that these figures reflect a gross underestimation of the bad effects of vaccines on children as not all develop autism but other nearly fatal complications that I have witnessed myself.
I have an extensive medical education outside the medieval witchcraft of the modern medical college. Count Leo Tolstoy and George Bernard accurately called vaccinations “a peculiarly filthy piece of witchcraft”. What we have here is the substitution of the lingo of medicine where in ancient times the doctors operated on cancer to kill the evil spirit as they do today but call it a disease or germ instead to be destroyed.
Doctors Max Gerson and Albert Schweitzer called the cancer a bodily defense mechanism against the ingestion of harmful chemicals based on inorganic farming using unnatural chemical fertilizers and the inorganic additions to the food in the food chain, and that the cure was a change of diet to organic food and natural methods to strengthen the liver whose purpose is to remove such impurities from the body.
This was scientifically derived by observing that in Africa when Schweitzer arrived in 1913 there were no cancers for 17 years until the processed foods flooded Africa from Europe with their high ratio of inorganic components. Cancer in Africa immediately rose to European levels. Cancer was not an evil spirit to be destroyed but the body was to be returned to nature.
Schweitzer cured the cancer simply by diet but if the liver was too damaged as in the case of Steve Jobs then such a cure was not obtainable. Jobs had a liver transplant that did not work.  The liver in the Bible is regarded as the organ of honor and Jobs life was unnatural and dishonorable.
In the 1960s 1 in 2,500 children or .04% of European children developed autism.  Currently, 1.85% of all American children, or roughly 1 in 54, are estimated to have autism, according to the CDC’s Autism and Developmental Monitoring Network. A comparison of the 1966 estimate and the 2020 estimate shows the prevalence estimate increased 45-fold (or 4,525%) in that time period. This is caused by modern medicine via vaccines. The truth is that all vaccines are worthless as all inorganic medicines are worthless. But they are worse than worthless.
The inorganic medicines do create a suppression of symptoms but are not a cure. For example, a friend came to me saying he had leukemia and I diagnosed the leukemia have developed due to 20 years of his taking an inorganic blood thinner. He then went to the Count Dracula hospital in New York City called Sloan Kettering for chemotherapy where I visited him recommending he leave that murder center and follow Dr. Max Gerson’s and Dr. Albert Schweitzer’s organic change of diet therapy.
Just after I left him the greatest chemotherapy doctor in the world came in to see his progress and saw the book by Dr. Gerson on his table and asked where he obtained it. He said a friend left it and the doctor praised it to the sky but thought his chemo percentages would be better but that hypothesis was never tested and my friend died of chemotherapy.
Nor do I accept the idea that you have to give yourself the disease in order to prevent a worse case of the disease. I consider that notion idiotic. The medical deniers will come to us to say you are not a scientist or doctor and I merely reply there is no such thing as a healthy doctor or for that matter a healthy looking scientist. Just look at them. We will leave off on this discussion and refer the reader to footnote 2 for a more thorough examination of the subject.
Footnote one:
From: X
To: David Lifschultz <[email protected]>
Sent: Monday, August 23, 2021, 11:01:29 AM GMT+2
Thank you for your information: it makes sense with the fact that the majority of side effect of vaccinated is the thrombosis.
In the meantime. tonight I have received shocking news coming from a journalist that has good contacts with the Italian secret services. I am herewith attaching his audio file, but, since it is in Italian, I am translating its resume.
Equaling the total people to be vaccinated in Italy to 100%, here are the percentages of the true poisonous shots and the placebos, made of physiologic liquid.
  • 25% placebo for the high officials of the state (would they risk Draghi, Mattarella, the other politicians, the high commander of police, army, etc that are pushing the vaccination campaign?) And this is the reason for which they are publicly and without worry receiving the shots on TV…
  • 25% placebos to be distributed randomly, to avoid too many side effects that could generate panic to people.
  • 50% of poisonous real shots that are causing lots of injuries and mortality
When I have seen our minister of public health taking the shot on TV, some months ago, I was already arguing this, but now I am sure. In any case it makes sense, and the distribution of 25% of placebo to the normal people is also a smart idea. About his I have many friends who say that they had absolutely no reaction to the shot, while many other has very bad and severe side effects.
This is the situation for Italy, but he says that the same situation is happening in the western world. He also says that, if he is found suicide, it will not be true…
Best regards,
These patents represent according to Dr. David Martin a bioweapon. President Biden plans to inoculate all members of the US military with another bioweapon in the form of a genetic vaccine which is starting to kill and maim patients in large numbers as an antidote. This is discussed in more detail below.