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Our European Correspondent reports:
Mon, Sep 20 at 12:29 AM
What a difference one week makes.
Had I reported last week that France was at the breaking point, this week we may say that the tide seems to have turned. In favor of the people. This was week ten of the massive demonstrations and the third week in September, when indeed demonstrations were supposed to peak against the autocratic rules of government Covid overreach.
Had still only two weeks ago bands of demonstrators entered and broken into forbidden shopping malls only open to the vaccinated when we witnessed the first retreat of riot police, this week, in week ten and three weeks later, riot police was hardly to be found anywhere: so what happened?
Well here is what happened: rather than having a few major demonstrations which started at the end of August in major cities in France, which is habitual, the demonstrations now have spread over the course of two weeks from the biggest cities, to all major cities, and then to all cities bar none, even until today to every small village and towns all over France. It’s a revolt but the media is not reporting it. In one month time the demonstrations spread from a few major cities to all town and villages in France, including to even Cayenne, in French Guyana.
And that’s it, and there we have it, it is a veritable ‘peaceful’ rising of the populace all over the Hexagon (another name for France) against the arbitrary medical apartheid rule of President Macron. A people’s revolt against the political classes.
The police now taking a backseat (they had enough and seen it all) with riot police only left in Paris and being hounded down where ever they go by a legion of camera carrying self styled independent journalists to record EVERY single event in which the riot police gets involved. Like hyenas following dogs.
For remember that last year Macron tried to make filming police illegal which caused a street revolt in its own right before the Covid issues started.
So where did all the riot police go this weekend? Were they ordered back to the barracks?
So it seems. And that is not all. Because three days ago President Macron came on TV and for the first time since his presidency started looking somewhat contrite, and with no more contempt in his voice but with an air of reconciliation but without making excuses addressed the French: The ‘pedagogy’ of the Pass Sanitaire had worked, he said, and more people have now been vaccinated than before so now it is the time to become ‘pragmatic’ and allow certain regions in France soon to scrap the Pass Sanitaire altogether.
Oh really?
Where did this change of attitude come from all of a sudden. From Jacobin Covid Jacobin to conciliatory presidential executive who seeks compromise rather than confrontation in the time span of one single week?
Hmm …
What happened?
Why no more police?
Why a sudden pragmatism for the French and no more Zero Covid or lockdown strategy?
And to top it off, all shopping malls will be reopened to the general public again. A change of heart and change of policy.
So here is the list of but only a handful of cities were demonstrations were taking place yesterday, notice the manifold increase in venues both large and small: Pau, Poitiers, Limoges, Paris (several demonstrations), Montpellier, Strasbourg, Blois, Toulouse, Lille, Nantes, Orleans, Metz, Rennes, Lyon, Clermont – Ferrand, Bordeaux, Chartres, Toulon, Angers, Roanne, Quimper, Rouen, Dijon, Aix en Provence, Narbonne, Metz, Caen, Cayenne (Guyana), Nice.
And then on in every small town and village people took to the streets, so there is your global blueprint for a successful revolution against Covid tyranny that will make any government shake and cave in and give up their autocratic oligarchical tendency. To simply have people go on the streets in EVERY TOWN AND VILLAGE across the nation.
Vive la France.
This weekend the French marched peacefully on boulevards, roads, highways (blocking traffic), and village squares without any police interference at all all over France, but the corporate media will not report it still. Reason is police have probably simply drawn its conclusions and probably made a choice to stand with the people rather than with the interior ministry. They seem to be standing down in solidarity with people who do not like an apartheid regime to run their country.
Government pitting the police against the people in every town and village and city is simply impossible. It makes no sense. This is a peaceful form of revolution at this point. And the government, like the riot police did three weeks ago when they backed off fleeing on escalators in a mall, is backtracking, falling back, and backing off. The malls will be open to all. And the President has announced that he will no longer implement ‘pedagogical’ (he says his Green Pass was meant to teach the French the urgency to get vaccinated) rules but only practical rules from now on, and that therefore very soon he will start removing the Pass Sanitaire in certain regions of the country.
Volte-face is an interesting French expression used in the English language.
In the long analysis perhaps it is that civil war was too close for comfort for the French ruling political class, who, of course knowing the volatile history of France, do not wish to end up on wrong side of history. Because this has happened countless times before in La France. A planned global oligarchy takeover of France in the name of ‘medicine’ and ‘health’ seems to have failed in France for now because of the dogged resistance of the French people. And because of the depth of its revolutionary history.
Nevertheless the Jacobin government did manage to introduce a Digital ID for all, which might have been the objective all along in the first place. But we can now safely argue that perhaps France will never become China 2.0. As the French will rather let France fall apart into little pieces than that they would ever want to Build Back Better.
During the demonstrations this weekend many old symbols of resistance were seen on the streets as tokens of France’s deep history serving as a strong and dire warning for any global elite who would think they could own the country:
  • royalist flags, with the royal lily
  • nationalist flags
  • bonapartist flags
  • Corsican flags
  • flags with the cross of Anjou / Lorraine (patriot flags)
  • the red flags of the Commune of 1871
  • and of course pirate flags
As an addendum here below are some of the many rebel flags that France is good for. They are coming out, one by one. Carried person by person. History on history.
As one sign read explaining with no small hint of sneer and sardony, and holding an ominous warning: “Les Cobayes Se Reveillent”.
“The Guinea Pigs are Waking Up.”
Patriot Flag with the Cross of Anjou / Lorraine
Corsican Flag
Bonapartist Flag
French Royalist Flag
‘Pouvoir aux citoyens, pas aux speculateurs.’
The Jolly Roger
Yeah, villages all over France too, are waking up. This one in particular in Brittany where they staged a ritual of ‘burying their liberties’ is interesting:
David Lifschultz