By David K. Lifschultz
Compliments of the Lifschultz Organization founded in 1899
We maintain that Dr. Anthony Fauci is a worse angel of death (Todesengel in German) than the National Socialist Doctor Josef Mengele. As we have previously written, Megele’s research was considered by the OSS to be very significant and as part of OSS Operation Paperclip Mengele was saved to explain his experiments in return to being granted freedom in South America where he died while swimming at 67.  The experiments themselves were authentic but the fact that the patients that were experimented on did not give their consent was a correct basis for prosecution at the Nuremberg Trials. However, the magnitude of the coercion by Dr. Anthony Fauci in the US where hundreds of millions of Americans are being coerced to accept a genetic vaccine that is killing millions of people around the world constitutes a crime against humanity unique in its enormity. This is covered in the study below at length.
When this so-called coronavirus pandemic was said to start in early 2020 the first thing I did was examine the results of the flu vaccine used over the past ten years in the US. Despite over 200 million vaccinations per year in a population of 329.5 million in the US the number of people suffering and dying from influenza did not change at all over that period. This indicated to me the vaccine was worthless.  I issued a report to this effect and Bill Gates subsequently agreed.
Then I watched the US death rate through September and it did not rise. How could there be a pandemic in the US if the death rate did not rise? I reported that, and these reports reached the right people, and then the next thing I saw was that there was declared to be an error and they were adding over 400,000 deaths to the death rate. This was obviously untrue.
In the world of intelligence, it is best to start at the bottom as you will learn nothing from most if not all heads of states who are merely puppets of various deep states around the world. Biden reports to the same deep state number one as Trump. This was not true of Stalin who read all the significant intelligence reports such as this one on his spy in England whose name was Arnold Deutsch.
Arnold Deutsch, who was Stalin’s NKVD Resident Spy in London in the 1930s, wrote the following communication to the center read by Stalin on their British spy Anthony Burgess which demonstrates the moral collapse of the leadership of Great Britain that preceded their collapse as a world power as they are directly connected.  This is clearly manifested by the present queer leadership of the fallen Empire which are a joke. The US today is not far behind and its Empire is dying.
“Many features of his character can be explained by the fact that he is a homosexual. He became one at Eton, where he grew up in an atmosphere of cynicism, opulence, hypocrisy and superficiality. As he is very clever and well educated, the (Communist) Party was for him a savior. It gave him above all an opportunity to satisfy his intellectual needs. Therefore, he took to party work with great enthusiasm. Part of his private life is led in a circle of homosexual friends whom he recruited among a wide variety of people, ranging from the famous liberal economist Keynes and extending to the very trash of society down to male prostitutes. His personal degradation, drunkenness, irregular way of life and the feeling of being outside society was connected with this kind of life, but on the other hand his abhorrence of bourgeois morality came from this. This kind of life did not satisfy him. His homosexuality he describes as not inborn because he can also live with women. He learned it at Eton because everyone is engaged in homosexuality there, so he simply joined in. The pupils there lived several to a room and the class masters use their superior position to seduce young boys.”
You have to go to the bottom to find the truth as the character Sidney Carton in the Charles Dickens novel “The Tale of Two Cities”.  Here we go to the nurses who tell us that the dying from the coronavirus did not occur until the genetic vaccines were administered to billions of people. They are afraid to talk to the controlled press as they would be fired. This applies to doctors also that will lose their accreditation if they tell the truth. No one was dying of the so-called coronavirus itself before then even though it was designed as a bioweapon. It just was not working. They had to say that all influenza cases were the coronavirus and then call every death at every hospital a coronavirus death using financial incentives. This was the propaganda to scare all the populations of the earth into the genetic vaccinations which after two years of application should see the death rate soar even above today’s levels.  This is confirmed by morticians who said the death rate was stable in 2020 until the genetic vaccines were administered and then it soared.
The next report supports the contention of hospital nurses that the Delta Variant is caused by the vaccinations and boosters while the original coronavirus that broke out in 2020 was engineered by US Patent Number US46592703P filed in 2003 cited in study below by Dr. David Martin.  Of course, the genetic vaccines are patented but there is little obscurity about that.
The study in the attachment makes a number of charges that we have already developed. First, that the vaccines were causing the rise of autism from one in 2000 in 1970 to about one in 34 today.  The authors maintain that the evidence of this linkage between vaccines and autism was destroyed by the medical authorities to protect Big Pharma. These were the vaccines that were tested between five and fifteen years which showed even such tests were not foolproof.  While the authors did not discuss Polio, we know the the decline in Polio cases was not due to the vaccination of Salk but the realization that DDT was causing Polio and the termination of its usage as an insecticide on crops. Here we see that the germ theory of disease or viruses is called into question.  A wit wrote a piece recently saying that the discovery of viruses was really an attempt by the medical profession to characterize every disease that they could not understand as a virus which, as in the case of the coronavirus, were never isolated. This is no different according to Count Leo Tolstoy and George Bernard Shaw to the ancient evil spirit cause of disease but packaged in pseudo-scientific garb as a germ or virus or cancer. The cause of cancer is the contamination of the food supply by adding inorganic substances as chemical fertilizers and inorganic elements in the food chain.  There is an unholy marriage between Big Food and Big Pharma who feed on each other.
Our attached study goes on to diagnose the Spanish Flu as not a virus but the reaction of the body to the universal rollout during that period of mass vaccinations of the populations all over the world. We had read a study in a book entitled “The Invisible Rainbow” that attributed it to the rollout of electricity but our author’s analysis here seems to have hit the mark. This is not to say that exposure to 5G or high voltage electrical lines as exposure to nuclear power plants cannot cause cancer or disease, as it can as pointed out in the book “The Invisible Rainbow”, but the vaccination cause seems more applicable to the Spanish Flu.
The intellectual capacity of today’s college graduates is next to zero. Larry Ellison tried to persuade his daughters not to waste their time at college as he would not for himself, but they said that they were not going to give up its social life.
Therefore, it is not surprising that the build back better plan of Davos after destroying everything is not working. We next puncture a number of these myths that only a brainwashed college graduate could believe in:
In the meantime, shortages are cropping up everywhere in natural gas, oil, coal, food, etc. This is a consequence of the coronavirus and vaccination bioweapons and the poorly planned movement to eliminate carbon power. Supply chains are caving in. Ports are backed up, there are not enough truck drivers, etc. Containers are piled up at ports.  There are not enough chips for automobile companies as production is drastically reduced. Used car prices are soaring. Inflation is rising on shortages on one side and massive creation of credit on the other side though much of the credit dollars end up in Wall Street stocks based on a euphoria of excess money finding itself there creating a massive stock inflation while upper level housing demand soars which is another route for credit as people flee the cities. On Wall Street it looks like 1929 only most of the US industry backing it up lie in rust belts. May you live in interesting times is the age old curse.
As a sideline, digital money is now being considered. Here is an analysis:
The largest revenue of the deep state is the heroin money whose profits they share. This is why the CIA planned the invasion of Afghanistan after the 9-11 Building Number Seven botch up as a form of misdirection as Mullah Omar had shut down 90% of the world heroin production though once our ally against the Soviets. The original plan of Bush and Cheney was to use 9-11 as a pretest for an invasion of Iraq and later other oil producers and since most were members of Islam the Mossad was involved according to Ron Unz.  The CIA was brought in to cover up this mess which they did by blaming Islam and Osama bin Laden for 9-11 which as a form of misdirection blocked the realization that Building Number Seven was still standing with the demolitions in the basement. Under this misdirection the Building collapsed into its own footprint though no plane hit it.
Narcotics are estimated at about 9% of the US GDP if we use the ratio of Dr. Franz Pick in 1982.
FRANZ PICK: I am glad you asked that question on the size of the US underground economy. Let me give you a breakdown. Moonlighting, $15 billion. Hard narcotics, $300 billion. Municipal and state corruption, $60 billion. Kickbacks and misrouting of defense funds, $100 billion. Loan sharking, $20 billion. Official shoplifting, $10 billion. Porno and prostitution, $75 billion. Numbers, $5 billion. Flea markets, $5 billion. Capital flight, $100 billion. Labor shakedowns, $50 billion. Total, $850 billion. 1982 US GDP 3.344 billion.
A digital currency does not work for them as it is not secret and so it is doubtful it will be adopted. The deep state cannot give up its heroin income. Cash works here and the Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank handles more cash than any of the other central bank branches as it covers Miami as the entrepot for the US heroin business. Narcotics are the largest business in the world.
The second point is that the dollar and the digital currency have no intrinsic value so you have the modern phenomenon that people work for an imaginary money. Marx called this money the jealous god of money which characterizes it as a form of transubstantiation. The modern man is much more superstitious than his ancestors. In the Catholic Church Eucharist ceremony you drink the wine and eat the wafer transubstantiated though not visible. Luther changed it to consubstantiation that the wafer stayed the same but was joined to the body in a spiritual sense.  The paper money is transubstantiated into gold even though you cannot see it. Goethe summarized it in one verse as the great Goethe believed that genius simplifies. Here s how money is made:
I am fed up with this endless how and when,
if there is no money let us make it then.
Quoted from Faust.
Can you imagine all the billions of pages of books written about an actual nullity? It represents a form of unlimited stupidity.
And so I end here my introduction. The study below really speaks for itself and I encourage the reader to go on to read this extraordinary revelation.
David Lifschultz