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Will a French Revolution hit France preceding that predicted by Ray Dalio for the United States? That is the question of the day.
This is from our European Correspondent:  Note the Trotskyite censorship in the west which they control where the French Senate voted 262 to 64 against vaccination mandates and it was not covered by the New York Times or any of the controlled world media. This is not just a US problem. We are not against control per se but control by those who wish to subvert Christian or Islamic traditions as in the case of the Taliban as many of their social rules come right out of the Bible outlawed in our US public schools and attacked every day in the press. As far as forcing 7 plus billion people to vaccinate with an untested vaccine as guinea pigs violates their civil rights and heretofore medical rules on testing vaccines for at least five to ten years to be sure they do not create more harm than good. This forcible testing violates the principles of the Nuremberg Code as outlined in the next link and footnote one.
Dr. Anthony Fauci-Todsengel or Angel of Death | Operation Disclosure Official
Demonstrations all over France October 16
As many demonstration against the Vaccination passsport and mandatory vaccination as ever before in France, in all cities, villages, town, and in Paris. There was one in Vannes, a smaller town in the middle of France. The police cleared out the old city steets with tear gas. But one man remained. Here you can see all what makes France great throughout history in just a few seconds:
II. Gilets Jaunes Act II
They are back in force for the first time this weekend after a long absence when they stopped demonstrating right before the so called pandemic began, in fact it can be argued that a reason for the French lockdowns was that the country was in tatters and no longer governable with massive strikes and Gilets Jaunes making the streets unsafe at the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020.
Gilets Jaunes this weekend are making a comeback but ARE NOT DEMONSTRATING AGAINST VACCINATION MANDATES BUT AGAINST INFLATION. They are demonstrating because of government mismanagement of gas and food prices. Supply prices going through the roof.
Gilets Jaunes Act II, the rap song:
They are back!
Gilets Jaunes surrounding the police:
Gilets Jaunes stopping traffic throughout France:
III. French Senate Rejects Compulsory Vaccination for All
Oh and when this week the French Senate voted October 13 on making vaccination mandatory for all French citizens (and forcing all children to be vaccinated for good measure), but the new measure was rejected by 262 – 64.
Oh well, common sense actually prevailed?
However, would you know that Le Monde, the French equivalent of the New York Times, refused to report that the measure had been soundly rejected? And that in fact it is even hard to find on Google or in legacy media in general, even in the media in France, that the French Senate soundly rejected compulsary vaccination for all. Why not reported anywhere? Including the Anglo – American press. This sure looks like military grade information warfare.
Why do I have to report on this?!
One would hope to think this would be a major news item, no?
Here is a single news link that explains the story:
Did we miss something?
For good measure here is the list of the 64 Jacobins that had wanted compulsory vaccination for all in France. The history of what happened to the vile Jacobins after Napoleon took over is pretty well known and ought to serve as a sober guideline for those who do not want history to repeat …