Polio was not a disease that was wiped out by Jonas Salk but by ending the use of DDT. See Rachel Carlson’s “Silent Spring”. The key here is that the DDT caused the polio but if Big Pharma admits it then they cannot sell the polio vaccination.  All this medical mumbo jumbo about antibodies, and viruses, and so forth is one big joke as it was DDT and not this smoke and mirrors science. Just like Covid is a bioweapon which we have shown by citing its 2003 patent. George Bernard Shaw was right to call doctors as corrupt as politicians.  Both are paid off. The US Congress is so corrupt that the vaccination manufacturers cannot be sued in the US for deaths or injury from any vaccine and any claim you have is against the US government based on bribed legislation. That is unimaginable corruption by the lobbyists. This rottenness did not just start with covid but Bill Gates entered the picture as an expert in creating monopoly profit as he did with Microsoft when he destroyed Netscape.  As in Microsoft, you have here now a case of monumental corruption as a source for Gatesian monopoly profit. The genetic vaccine manufacturers are making Microsoft style monopoly profits. Dr. David Martin has evidence of this being all about monopoly profit.


Ray Dalio is the CEO of the largest hedge fund in the world who runs 150 billion dollars and he has been predicting a Bolshevik Revolution in the US. It is important to note that Lenin liquidated every single member of the totally corrupt Russian Duma which was the equivalent of our House of Representatives and Senate in its total corruption. They also cleaned out the universities which were as corrupt as ours. Maxim Gorky went to Lenin to plead for the life of one of the greatest historians in the world and Lenin said we do not need historians and ordered his aide to have him shot at once. This gives us a picture where the massive corruption in the US Congress is leading us to according to Dalio. If it turns out to be a National Socialist Revolution, it is noteworthy that no member of the Reichstag could be at the level of an office manager or above since it thought of itself as a people’s revolution. Hitler said he represented the farmers and the industrial workers and not the intellectuals.  Goebbels said when he introduced Adolf Hitler at the Sports Palace after just becoming Chancellor that Trotskyites were his teachers and we National Socialists are his pupils, and he selected a different class enemy than Trotsky did. It was none other than Trotsky himself who became the class enemy and his Trotskyites. It is more than ironic that Stalin liquidated the Trotskyites or the Yevraiskaya Sektia of the Bolshevik Party, and had the blessings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe Joseph Schneerson who was you might say then was the equivalent of today’s Neturei Karta. The Rebbe said that Trotsky and the Yevseks were totally evil and Stalin acted as God’s agent.


If you would like to read a very interesting biography on the Russian Revolution it is entitled “Once A Grand Duke” by Grand Duke Alexander.




The Grand Duke relates that he came in to see the Tsarina, who was ill, and Tsar in her bedroom explaining to her that Leon Trotsky had written about the French Revolution that the great error of Robespierre was that he did not kill the children of the royals and they would not make that mistake in Russia. The Tsarina said my people love me and it can’t happen here.  And she was right about her people. But Trotsky and the Trotskyites were not Russians and were not one of her people.  The Grand Duke demanded they move against the Trotskyites or their children would be dead as well as they.  The massive corruption in Russia is very similar to the US today but the Tsar and Tsarina would not listen. No one listens today in the US as we are under the heel of the Trotskyites and the media who is also Trotskyite is totally under their control being as corrupt as those they are protecting.  A Trotskyite can be a Marxist or a capitalist whichever garment is required at that time for control. They control the United States. Their clothing can change but they are the same wolves.


King James Version: Matthew 7:15:


Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.


The Archduke was married to the Tsar’s sister, and took her and her mother with his family to his Crimean estate with the Crown Jewels held by the Tsar’s mother. The British would not save the Tsar and his family, but saved the Archduke and his family with the mother of the Tsar who had the Royal Jewels so that the British Royal Family could get their hands of the Russian Crown Jewels. They sent a warship to the Crimea to pick them up. And now look at where their crimes have left them. The Visigoths have conquered London.


British intel was supporting Lenin though German intel had spirited Lenin from Zurich to Russia to take Russia out of the war as Lenin was playing both sides. Lenin and Trotsky protracted the peace negotiations with General Max Hoffman to give the Americans time to land troops in Europe to offset the German troops that would be transferred to the western front. General Erich Ludendorff finally realized what had happened based on the Balfour Declaration that brought in over two million American troops wished he had offered Baron Eduard de Rothschild Palestine instead when it was controlled by their ally Turkey. Baron Eduard de Rothschild had ordered the US into the war. The Baron was the only winner of World War One that he instigated it by arranging the assassination of the Archduke to create a war to kill the Tsar and his family. The mission was accomplished.  When Hitler rose the Baron created World War Two to destroy Hitler and won that too. Over a hundred million descendants of Japheth died in these wars to serve the Baron’s purposes.