An Introduction to Goethe, Faust and the Euro

By David K. Lifschultz

Compliments of the Lifschultz Organization founded in 1899

The precipitous and calamitous decline in US power from its undisputed peak as the sole world hegemon in 1991 on the collapse of the Soviet Union has to be marked as one of the greatest turning points in history. We demonstrate this both in the military analysis included in this paper and the study of the dying United States dollar. We follow in this study the classical authorities.

It may not appear to most observers that this has happened as it did not appear that the greatest army in the world in France that had held back the Germans in World War One would collapse in 1940 in twenty days. Just for the reader’s information, the nations of the EU today, or NATO, would not last two weeks against the Russian shock armies as that is how long it would take them to reach the English Channel as the preponderant US airpower would be nullified in ten minutes by Russian missiles destroying the NATO airfields. Tsar Alexander I accomplished this against Napoleon though it took Alexander I longer.

How did this Russian rearmament come about? This answer will require a short excursion into history. Anglo-Saxons have followed the Roman tradition of balance of power as their schools taught Latin and Roman history. This has nothing to do with morality even though Queen Victoria rightly said that the King James Version of the Bible was the source of all the British power. It is interesting to note that the English abandonment of the Bible is the primary source of their decline of power. Anglo-Saxon foreign policy was rather guided by the balance of power under the ethics of Lord Palmerston when he said:

“We have no eternal allies, and we have no perpetual enemies. Our interests are eternal and perpetual, and those interests it is our duty to follow.”

The Anglo-Saxons engineered the war between Russia and Germany in World War One to destroy Russia though Russia was an ally of the Anglo-Saxons (US and England). England was afraid of Russia moving to India which would have been indefensible for England to protect from a million man land army based simply on the problem logistics. England’s other problem was Kaiser Wilhelm who started to build a fleet threatening the English control of the oceans. It was decided to kill two birds with one stone by World War One. The utter defeat of Germany and Russia pleased His Majesty’s government. It was a total victory.

The rise of Stalin’s Russia worried England after World War One and so it was decided again to nullify Russia by building up Germany for another go at it. Stalin was an extraordinarily capable and cagey operative who had been spying on the Bolsheviks as an Okhrana agent under Pyotr Rachovsky and was swept along in the Bolshevik Revolution. He had liquidated by 1938 all the Trotskyites who had massacred the Tsar, his family and the royalists. If the Chief Prosecutor Andrei Vishinsky’s denunciation of the Trotskyites during the Moscow Treason Trials between 1936-1938 are read, it is found to be almost Biblical in their tenor which can be attributed to the studies by Stalin in Seminary until he was twenty.  He taught in the public schools the holy Christian concept of marriage of Saint Augustin restricting the marital act only to procreation and all children were to taught to avoid all forms of onanism. You will not find anything of this kind in the writings of the bloodthirsty guttersnipe Trotsky.

When Hitler took over in Germany in 1933 the United States and England following their balance of power doctrine lent Germany one billion gold dollars from the US and two billion gold dollars from England which today is in excess of 600 billion fiat dollars if not more as the dollar has depreciated in value well over 99%. This was to build Germany up against Russia and at the Munich Conference Stalin was not invited as it was designed to build Germany up and was hardly a form of appeasement. The goal once again was to see Germany and Russia destroy themselves. Stalin clearly saw this and allied with Germany in 1939. England was shocked.

While the truth about the Hess trip to England has not been revealed, the English clandestine overtures to Germany were to encourage them to invade Poland and then Russia. This is why the English and French Armies were idle allowing Germany to concentrate all its forces against Poland leaving a light screen of troops on the border facing the British and French troops.  If Britain and France had invaded Germany as they promised, the German Army would have been split in half.

The problem the Anglo-Saxons faced after World War Two was that Stalin’s Russia was not destroyed as the Tsar’s, and Stalin controlled Eastern Europe and by 1949 was allied with China shifting the balance of power against the Anglo-Saxon nations. In essence the Anglo-Saxons has lost World War Two for instead of Germany and Japan controlling the Eurasian land mass it looked to be Russia and China. George Washington’s “Farewell Address” that the US should not get involved in European conflicts was proving true. This was a total and costly fiasco.

The Anglo-Saxon reaction was to adopt a policy of containment seen in the Korean and Vietnam Wars, and reversing course on their German vilification campaign to bring them in as an ally against Russia to balance the power and the German’s obliged based on the end of their vilification. Hence NATO was formed and the Russians formed the Warsaw Pact on the other side. Russia’s eastern boundary was secured by their ally China. Stalin’s death wrecked Russia as a group of nonentities took over, and Chairman Mao could not stand the buffoon Khrushchev. Sino-Russian relations went from bad to worse after Khrushchev’s denunciation of Stalin in 1956. By 1972 the border conflict almost had led to war and the anti-communist McCarthyite Richard Nixon ran to Beijing to embrace Chairman Mao as an ally against Russia.

Let’s pause for a moment to ponder this.  Here was a fervent anti-communist embracing a very pure form of communism in China which tells us that communism or national socialism had nothing to do with World War Two, nor did making the world safe for democracy have anything to do with World War One, but purely balance of power ideas of Halford MacKinder combined with the creed of Lord Palmerston. The gullible masses who were hated as cattle were to be the cannon fodder fed by the propaganda of Edward Bernays manufacturing of consent with the usual lies as in the coronavirus.

Once Nixon had his alliance with China sealed, the strategic significance of Vietnam was over, and we abandoned the place in 1973.  Now China was an ally and we tried to strengthen them against Russia. But it was not until Deng Xiaoping took over that China accepted the terms of our massive build up. The US switched from Japan who was allowed to go sideways and built up China. Japan was no longer important to contain China who was now our ally against Russia. Japan was superfluous.

We taught China how to use their central bank to finance only productive investment as Dr. Schacht did for us in Germany when we built them up, and allowed China to take over our US market from Japan. We built up China to be the largest economy in the world.  In the meantime, Russia looked with horror at China and had 400,000 troops tied up at the border. They were bleeding when Jimmy Carter took over.

Carter was a quite underestimated President in this sense. He did not initiate any wars for the US. He and Brzezinski decided to give Russia a Vietnam in Afghanistan to destroy Russia and in 1979 this program was launched. It was a Roman war by proxy. It was clever. Now Russia was draining by the Warsaw Pact for 600,000 troops, and 400,000 on the border of China, and now they were bleeding in Afghanistan. When Reagan takes over Casey was assigned to go to the Gulf States to order them to flood the world with oil driving oil to eight dollars a barrel to destroy half the Russian budget. That combined with the fictitious PYSOP Star Wars campaign, and Russia was going bankrupt. The display of advanced US weaponry in Gulf War One was the last straw for Russia. They lost their nerve and collapsed.

Here the US took the position that they would not accept Russia into the community of nations as the Prodigal Son in Luke as they publicly avowed but tear them apart into 50 countries run by oligarchs whose sole purpose was to supervise the looting of the oil and other natural resources and let the masses be damned as in the Ukraine.

The BND and the CIA fomented the Yugoslavian disorders in the 1990s Sudetenland style to weaken Russia further and bombed Belgrade for 78 days in 1999. Russia woke up from their delirium by this 1999 78 day bombing and moved to rearm. The first eight years were to develop offensive and defensive missiles and the next twelve were to include the modernizing of the army. This has largely taken place. The 2014 Kiev Coup was to draw them into another partisan war in the Ukraine as we did in Afghanistan. This time Russia did not bite only taking back the Crimea and the the coal states of Donbas and Luhansk. The army’s modernization was only six years old and had another six years to run. It was too early for an invasion of Europe.

When China saw this Kiev Coup it was quite obvious what the US was doing, and they became quite worried as they were a net importer of natural resources and Russia was the natural place to look for it. They did not want to lose Russia to the Euroland.  Also, they were too dependent on the seas patrolled by 11 US carrier task forces and they needed to turn to the Eurasian land mass to divert their trade from the seas to land by high speed trains that could go from China to Europe in 48 hours. Russia could supply all their natural resources and they could supply all the technologies that Russia required. This was part of the vision of the BRI or Belt and Road Initiative. This required a rapprochement with Russia and an alliance. The United States could not accept this alliance out of balance of power fears, and this is the sole cause of the present friction between the US and China. This ends our short historical excursion.

Professor Quigley had two famous students who made their way in the world which were former President Clinton who praised him to the skies in his “Inaugural Address” and HRH Prince Turki al Faisal, the former head of Saudi Intelligence (Al Mukhabarat Al ‘Ammah). In my conversations with Bill regarding Professor Quigley, he said that he followed Quigley’s concept that technological advancement was the basis of the advance of all civilization as outlined in Quigley’s book “The Evolution of Civilization” and this was the foundation of his entire political career. His greatest obstacle to achieving these goals was the institutional bias against change which he resolved by creating the era that Bill said he did not care if 99% of those companies went bankrupt as long as the 1% drove the United States economy forward. This approach worked amazingly well and Bill left the presidency with such giant budget surpluses there was fear that in no time that entire national debt that is now around 27 trillion dollars less about six trillion held by government agencies would be paid off. Even Arthur Laffer, the inventor of the Laffer Curve, in a recent debate sponsored by the Wall Street Journal, praised the former President as creating such great incentives to growth.

I had gone to school with Prince Turki at the Hun School of Princeton, and had flown to see him when he was Ambassador to London as the US was about to invade Iraq under George Bush II to see if we could work out a plan to stop the invasion, and my deep state colleague held secret talks with Saddam Hussein and his generals offering them incentives and safe passage out of Iraq if they would turn over the country to a leader of our selection. This would have avoided the destabilization of the entire region as the destruction of the Sunni Iraq tilted the balance of power in the favor of Iran. Saddam and the generals agreed but later Saddam reneged. The generals withdrew at the siege of Baghdad which was therefore won relatively without cost and received their reward. The CIA had Saddam executed as a punishment for breaking his word.

It looked as though President Clinton was establishing what Quigley called a reorganization of western civilization so that its dynamic growth could continue. In essence, Clinton found the US in a form of stagnation as the GDP growth figures were pure fiction based on the falsification of records where inflation was eliminated by removing from the CPI commodities or goods with rapidly rising prices with lower prices for supposedly comparable items. This falsification continues. The switch by George W. Bush to endless Islamic wars as planned far in advance of the 9-11 false flag operation created trillions of dollars of expenses diverting from productive growth to non-productive military appropriations for meaningless brush fire wars. We see this is in the industrial collapse in the rust belt and the debilitation of our infrastructure. All that Clinton created was destroyed. Bill bewailed to me that his work was needlessly being thrown away. And the United States continued on its path of ruin until President Trump began trying to rebuild the destroyed American industry by stopping the rigging of currencies as indicated next for which reason he was later ousted by the deep state for threatening our alliance systems. In other words, the deep state was ready and willing to sacrifice American industrial power for the sake of Germany and Japan creating the US rust belt. China was built up against Russia the same way and would be glad to work out now an arrangement to work down the imbalances. The present deep state concern is not with working with China as a friend but based on balance of power considerations reducing their industrial power. However, China has about half their population in the interior which is relatively poor that they plan to lift up economically and so must continue to grow. Here is where the clash arises today and has nothing to do with propaganda slogans like blaming them for coronavirus that is merely a new name for influenza or pneumonia that they did not create. In the Rubin correspondence below the currency rigging is explained.

Robert Rubin Correspondence – David Lifschultz

Quigley in his introduction compares western civilization to others that have declined and fallen before it. In the case of the Canaanite civilization who descended from Noah’s grandson through Ham the core or beginning of that civilization was located in and around Tyre and Sidon. Tyre was famous as a great seafaring power which was similar to later seafaring nations as Venice and England and now the United States. This Canaanite civilization in Tyre planted colonies in areas such as what became Carthage, and interestingly enough, Carthage grew to be a greater power than Tyre. I use that example as that was very similar to what happened with the colonies of England so as England declined as a great power its colony the United States surpassed it as Carthage had surpassed Tyre. Although Quigley does not attribute this to moral decline as he should but rather to the core (Tyre and England) diverting their time to pastimes as pleasure, art, ideas and leisure instead of material work, the Puritanical United States focused only on work or materialism as pleasure was a form of sin to the Puritan founders of the US. Thus peripheral areas became militarily stronger than the original core civilizations. Of course, that has changed and the US has now the British sickness of hedonism.

Western civilization developed from the classical civilization of Greece (Elisha or Hellas) and Rome (Javan as in Ionian Sea) or the descendants of Japheth son of Noah, and the power initially started in Greece but transferred later to Rome (Tiras). The Europeans are descendants of Tiras and the Russians Meshech (Moscow, or Rosh Meshech as Russia-Moscovy as the center of Russia) the descendants of Japheth. This is western civilization. It incorporated the Bible that was transmitted to them by the descendants of Shem.

However, the United States is presently in a state of moral and material decline almost unprecedented in history. 70% of its 17 to 24 year olds are not fit to serve in the military largely based on the diffusion of drugs and vice as in Carthage. The Romans say they destroyed Carthage for moral reasons as it was given over to human sacrifice and sodomy which in a sense is proliferating in the west in the form of abortion and sodomy. These are signs of a massive, moral decline while power is starting to transfer to the Asian nations which are focusing mostly on the material aspects of western civilization. And the House of Representatives and Senate of the United States are acting as the Carthaginian Senate who undermined their greatest general Hannibal and are largely to blame for the irrational form of funding weapon procurement as in the twenty year F-35 whose 400 billion cost blueprints were hacked anyway by an adversary. This was paralleled in some of our history by the removal of General MacArthur from running the Korean War by a Pendergast mob frontman, and since then the calibre of our military leadership has been in a precipitous decline as no one with talent would like the mob telling him what to do as the monetary remuneration is no inducement to stay as it does not compete with industry or Wall Street. If the DIA or CIA or NSA have anyone of great talent, Google offers them a million dollars a year to come to them and off they go.

The CIA and DIA have been behind the heroin operation in Afghanistan which was the reason for that invasion instead of the one for Iraq planned first but the botch up of the 9-11 false flag operation by Bush-Cheney together with a foreign intelligence agency forced them to ask the CIA to cover it up which they did by doctoring the boarding tapes with members of Islam getting on the planes as a form of misdirection. In return, the CIA blamed Osama bin Laden for 9-11 when he had nothing to do with it as a pretext to invade Afghanistan to restart the heroin plantations shut down by Mullah Omar for Islamic reasons. Mullah Omar said if Bush Two would give him proof of Osama’s involvement he would turn him over but barring that he owed him protection under Islamic rules of hospitality dating back to Ishmael serving the three angels who visited Abraham.

This is the introduction to the present work. It has been largely revised to cover the Quigley analysis in more detail from a previous work that we presented. Since the next exposition will demonstrate that the dollar is intrinsically worthless, it is necessary also to enter into a discussion of the waning military power of the United States which can no longer intimidate nations to use the dollar. The value in exchange of the dollar and its military power are thus inextricably connected.